The world we are born into is like us. Each of us is like a mini-earth....our blood and inner fluids are like our own personal tiny encapsulated oceans of life. In fact, our fluids are the same 67% proportion of the sea to the earth.

Water is the predominant element in the film.

The film is edited in three parts: birth, death and life, in that order.

BIRTH, the first 10 minutes of the film, involves an unconscious gathering of energy, requires a co-creative conscious building, pushing, powerful energy. Birth demands itself.

DEATH involves letting go of form, of old images and ways of being and is the next seven minutes. Death presents itself.

LIFE, the magic and power of the moment, comprise the last six minutes of the film. Life IS itself.

Today change is in our face. If it is not initiated by us then it seems it is forced upon us. Either way we most reckon with it.

We are called to go deeper and higher when change is in our life. We can use the change as a way value ourselves and each other more and participate in the community in a new way that is uniquely a part of who we are.

We are each an ancient living book - our mitochondrial DNA is passed down through our mother's line and carries within it cellular memories and patterns of living that are within us if we listen. We have the history/herstory of human life pulsing inside us.

Watch the 23 minute film like it is dream imagery. Let the stunning landscape of the nature of the Isles and Scilly and Cornwall speak to you of your own beauty and nature.

'CHANGING ARE US ... especially in perimenopause and menopause'.

Every day cells grow anew and die inside us. Our bodies are amazing miracles of wholeness. What we think and feel and notice effects our body and vice versa. As the weather changes so do we. Inside us there is often a feeling of sheer panic when confronted with changes we feel in our senses.

Low estrogen levels can create a sense that 'we are dying' and many of us do not realise that these thoughts are part of the hormonal changes that many women experience from time to time as our body adjusts to hormonal shifts.

Fear can be like a companion or a jailer, depending on our point of view. Fear is often 'false evidence appearing real' and can be a stepping stone into a new level of confidence if confronted and walked through.

Nature has no fear of life's changes. We live with her changing often easier than we live with our own changing. Each ending brings with it a beginning and each beginning also makes what is gone apparent. Life is in between.

‘Film can be viewed as a dream without music for a dreamlike effect’


The Isles of Scilly and Cornwall
'a film celebrating nature for women experiencing the Change'

Let your changing nourish your becoming.

‘please note film and music quality compromised on this youtube preview video’  

By the time we have come out of the womb our cells have divided and multiplied millions of times. We know how to start and grow and change and let go. Change is our nature. Once out of the womb we can forget our true nature and think ourselves into a kind of stasis. We can feel like we are more solid and stuck in form. We can forget the flowing, moving, evolving human beings we are. Nature reminds us.

The hormonal shift of the perimenopause and menopause especially offer a woman a chance for bringing conscious awareness to the changing. It gives us a chance for self-care, self-value and self-transformation. The hormonal ups and downs literally stimulate our brains into re-membering parts of ourselves that we may have forgotten, offering us a chance to come into a new wholeness...offering us as women a chance to consciously 'birth' ourselves into a new life expression. 'Mother' England is a 'she' and earth is a 'she' and so are we and so we as women can come in touch with ourselves in many moments in the day as we consider what it is to be 'female' and what the different stages of our life as 'maiden, mother, and crone' can mean to us and our larger family and community right here and right now in 2010.

We can use nature as mirror for life's changes. Walking in nature is a wonderful way to come into ourselves and stimulate our creativity, helping us reflect on our life and 'solve' problems. There is nothing like the awesome beauty of nature to bring us into ourselves and our own human nature. There is a native American song citing the elements of nature: 'earth my body, water my blood and fire my spirit'.

About the 23 minute film:

SIGNATURES WITHIN The Isles of Scilly and Cornwall 
'a film celebrating nature for women experiencing the Change'

West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are considered by different writers to be 'the land of the Goddess'. People travel from all over the world to see the stone circles and megaliths of ancient peoples and cultures. 

West Cornwall has always been a place that one feels is timeless and somehow refuses to be owned. The landscape is little changed for thousands of years. Some of us are born here. Some of us come here to re-create ourselves. 

Many of us today come here to visit and then move here because of the draw of the incredible 'light' for painting and the sea and the stimulation for creative writers and artists of all sorts. 

The original footage for this film, an Isabella Michael Production, was shot in 1994 with the intention of creating a visual and musical experimental arts nature film to offer the viewer unique access to themselves in a time of personal change using nature as mirror. The film was sequenced and edited in Los Angeles as a 'living' project where all of us involved held this intent...from the directors to the cameraman, the composer and the editors. A labour of love. 

The film was shot on (silver) 35mm film and then digitised and edited on an Avid in Hollywood. The birth, death and life imagery sequences are designed to trigger emotional release and insights within the viewer about their own life and about their life's purpose and direction. The decision to shoot on 35mm film stock was more expensive than shooting on digital but it was felt that the silver in the film stock would better capture and show the incredible timeless beauty of this part of the world. 

The original film has written pieces across the film of poetry and is a story. It won an award at the Houston International Film Festival in the 'experimental arts category' and was featured at the Breckenridge Film Festival as a nature film. 

This 2010 version of the film, for Menopause Self Care (MSC) CIC, is especially designed without any writing on top of the footage, to set the stage and invite you, the viewer, into the experience of the film. It is partly funded by Cornwall Works 50+ Cares, Inclusion Cornwall and the European Social Fund. Menopause is a time of endings and a time of beginnings as well and the film was filmed in February at the time of the year of the end of a Cornish winter and at the beginning promise of springtime. 

SIGNATURES WITHIN The Isles of Scilly and Cornwall 'a film celebrating nature' can be used for any of life's changes, for relaxation, or simply as a mini-holiday to the Isles of Scilly and Cornwall. We hope you enjoy it. 

Isabella Quigley Moriarty
Menopause Self Care (MSC) CIC
14th July 2010

"It is love that powers our breath and the beat of our heart"

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BIRTH sequence
(gathering energy, building, pushing, powerful)(10 min.) Wingletang Downs and Nag Head's Rock, St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly Nanjszeal, Penwith Peninsula, West Cornwall

DEATH sequence
(letting go of form and old ways of thinking and being) (7 min), St. Michael's Mount, Marazion, Cornwall, Nine Sisters and Lanyon Quoit, Penwith Moors, Cornwall, Merry Maidens, Lamorna, Cornwall, Cam Euny, Sancreed, Cornwall, Germoe Church, Germoe, Cornwall

LIFE Sequence
(the magic and power of living NOW, in the moment) (6 min) Looe Bar, between Penzance and Porthleven, Cornwall Lamorna Woods, Lamorna Cove, West Cornwall

Nature, Isabella Quigley Moriarty (writer, executive producer and co director), Michael Moriarty (executive producer and manager), Craig Christensen (producer, co-director), Jeff Reiser (camera), Medwyn Goodall (music)

The Duchy of Cornwall, St. Germoe Church, Germoe, English Heritage, The National Trust, Penwith District, Cornwall Council.

Copyright 2010 Menopause Self Care (MSC) CIC. This DVD version is funded in part by Cornwall Works 50+ Cares, a program of Inclusion Cornwall, and the European Social Fund.

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